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Dec 7, 2005 Minutes

Draft Faculty Senate Minutes 12/07/05

Members present:

Chair Stone, Senators Brennan, Conroy, Hazlewood, Homeyer, James, McCall, Rao, Shah, Warms, Winek


Pres Trauthm, Provost Moore, AVPAA Bourgeois, AVPAA Cassidy, AVPRFR Covington, Clayton Medford, Univ Star

Meeting called to order at 4:00.



1.        Football Revenue: In response to the inquiry about expected income from recently televised playoff football games, Pres. Trauth indicated that there was no direct income from television.  Actually, the university had take some financial risks, i.e., pay for team meals and security.  The university did get to keep the revenue from concessions and, due to the excellent turnout, it looks like there will be some profit; how much will be clear by the first of the year.  In aside comments, the President thinks that Coach Bailiff recognizes the opportunity to accomplish something special here and will stay at Texas State (his contract was renewed for five years). The team GPA has gone up every semester since he has begun coaching here.

2.        Research Faculty: Pres. Trauth responded to the Senate’s objection to the use of the phrase “Research Professor” in the draft PPS 7.19 for individuals who are brought into the university community without the usual national search and rigorous requirements in teaching, research and service that regular faculty members must satisfy.  She indicated that these persons would come here to bring in grants.  They must pay their way or they won’t be here. She emphasized that full-time faculty are central to the institution, but to enhance our status as an emerging research institution, some flexibility is needed to bring in individuals with distinguished research credentials and grant potential to strengthen research programs and increase grants for the institution.  After a lengthy discussion, it was agreed that some of the phraseology of the draft PPS would be reconsidered.

3.        Budget Publication:  In response to the Senate’s query about the university budget being available on-line rather than available in the library, the President and the Provost indicated their agreement and that it should be made available on-line.  AVPAA Bourgeois will find out if the idea is feasible and, if so, will get it done.

4.        Workload:  After much ado about publishing departmental workloads, it seems that many chairs just can’t force themselves to get the information to the faculty.  At the directive of the Provost, each chair will be instructed to make a copy of the workload report for each member of the department’s personnel committee.  The Senate will monitor how this goes.

5.        Evaluation Comments: It was agreed that since the Senate’s evaluation comments are now password protected, they will remain as is on the Senate web page.

6.        Faculty Handbook:  The current draft of the new faculty handbook that was approved by the Senate in November 2005, and forwarded to the Provost, is currently under review by his staff.  No final approval date was offered.

7.        Summer Schedule:  Some flexibility in the way current summer classes are handled was discussed.  If the enrollment is there, it is possible to offer classes in different ways than the traditional two six-week summer sessions.  Variations will be determined by the needs of the individual academic departments.





University Curriculum: The Senate approved the recommendations of the University Curriculum Committee and forwarded them to the Provost.


Research Enhancement Program: Chair Mike Blanda presented the REP recommendations for funding.  The Senate rules were suspended and the committee’s recommendations were approved and forwarded to the Provost.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:07. [?]