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Sept 15, 2004 Minutes

Senators Present:  Stone, Sorensen, Montondon, Brennan, Hazlewood, Shah, Gillis, Rao, McKinney , Warms, Sawey, Conroy, James, Bell-Metereau


Guests: Chris Robinson, University Star Reporter; Bonnie Inglet , Faculty Senate Administrative Assistant


Call to order 4:01 .


Information Update:  Request for salary data seems to be stalled.  We will give them a little more time before contact Bill Fly again. 


Honor Code issue:  changes in language should be cleared up after meeting with Mike Blanda.  Senate should have new language next week.  Another issue connected to new Code is that no one seems to have responsibility for committee.  Stone suggested that Senate assume control of committee to see that it gets started each year. 


Replacement for Bill Peeler:  Sawey made motion and Conroy seconded to approach John Fleming first. Motion passed.


Appointment of Chair for CRC:  Hazlewood nominated and James seconded David Donnelly, professor of physics to replace Mike Blanda, Motion passed.


Appointment for Athletic Advisory Committee:  James nominated and Sawey seconded to approach Ted Hindson first and then Oren Renick and Robert Severance.  Motion passed.


Liason Meeting for Sept. 29th Issues

      Liason participation

      Governance issues

            Constitutional issues

      Post-Tenure Review, Role of Chair Updates

      Electronic newsletter


      Conroy suggested that liaisons could send the issues they wish to discuss prior to meeting.  What suggestions do they have to add to agenda?


Additions to Academic Computing Committee:  Tim Englund suggested that add non-voting member from Student Affairs.  He said that in the past Student

Affairs had proposals submitted but no advocate.   Apparently Academic Affairs

has had non-voting member at meetings.  The chair will ask Dr. Studer and Dr. Moore for representatives from their departments.


Revisions of PAAG Follow-up Letter:


Chair Stone will make minor revisions before sending the letter.


Senator Sorensen said that Dean nie French has passed away and the Faculty Senate expressed its sympathies and condolences to her family, friends, and colleagues.


Survey Data:


Senator Shah has completed the Dean and Chairs Rankings data.  Chair Stone asked what was the best format, and the consensus was that Table 2, which shades and places in the lower corner those with only one evaluation.


Senator Shah requested that instead of a phone number we could give an email; Chair Stone suggested both.  The narrative will explain the placement on the table of those with only one evaluation.  We will release this by September 22.  Senators should send any final minor revisions by Monday.  Liaisons will receive this on September 22 and so will the University Star and the website.

Senator Conroy suggested that we develop a campus-wide policy on Chairs and Dean s.  We currently have one, but it doesn’t include things like scholarship.


Faculty Handbook:


Chair Stone emailed all of the files on revisions.  Next week we will discuss these revisions.


Senator Rao said that Dr. Blanda contributed some revisions.  Each member of the committee dealt with different sections.


Chair Stone said that the curriculum used to report directly to the Faculty Senate, but now it appears to report directly to the VPAA (now Provost)’s office.  We should pay special attention to academic governance and other areas where changes may have been made.  Senator Hazlewood said that the chair of the senate was once involved in negotiating any changes.  Dr. Falleur will meet with the Senate next week.  Senator Hazlewood asked the Senate to make any suggestions they see as necessary.


Senator Conroy reiterated the Senate desire to change the focus of the committee from minutiae to more substantive issues.  Senator Rao suggested splitting the meetings into two meetings, with schools divided between the two.


New Business:


Piper call had the previous procedures, and a revised version needs to be sent out.  The change to looking at materials creates difficulties, but when Senator Peeler sent out the new memo it had the old requirements.  The new requirements will be distributed in a reminder memo, explaining that the new requirements are simpler and more streamlined.  The revision was to use pages from the Piper Foundation forms, nominating letter and up to four letters of recommendation, without all the supporting material.


Senator Sawey said that David Wiley and Gary White in CIS were the suggestions for open access initiative representatives.


Senator Bell-Metereau asked if the senate releases the ranking of Developmental Leave applicants. 


The issue of how Mitte Chairs was discussed, and Chair Stone said there is a PPS, but it may not be followed in all cases.


Senator Sawey discussed the issue of grade appeals.  He asked if the grades of F or W are ever overturned and whether faculty would be notified if Dean s overturned such grades.


Senator Shah asked about changing the W dates.  The first dates are too early and the last ones are too late.  This might be an issue to bring to the provost or the academic governance committee.  This may be a topic for the meeting with the provost.


Approval of Minutes. 8/25/04 minutes approved.  The June 30th  meeting minutes are missing.


Meeting adjourned at 5:48 . 


Draft minutes submitted by Mary Brennan and Rebecca Bell-Metereau 9/16/04 .