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Oct 2, 2002 Minutes


Approved Senate Minutes

October 2, 2002

Present- Senators Bell-Metereau, Blanda, Brennan, Carns, Conroy, Frost,  Gillis, Hindson, James, Peeler, Renick, Sawey, Stone, Stutzman;

Guests- Beatrice Hernandez, Genevieve Klein

I- Call to Order and Review of Agenda by Chair Renick at 4:05

II- Priorities/Objectives- 2002/2003
Senators James, Conroy, Stone, and Stutzman discussed Faculty Equity Matters. Among the topics discussed were faculty being informed of workload accrual  and reallocation of positions.
Senator Peeler inquired about the availability of Nancy Nusbaum and a facilities review.
Senator Brennan asked about a faculty mailing list and the possibility of a faculty newsletter.
Senator Sawey suggested pressing the VPIT for a faculty mailing list.
Senator Blanda, in regard to priority #6, stated the need for information before action and the need for a timetable from the deans.
Senator Sawey mentioned the need to talk to Ms. Gaye Krampitz for contract decisions on equity. Chair Renick mentioned that the faculty contract may allow for salary adjustment. Senator Frost mentioned that all faculty with a deviation of more than 1.00 go forward to possible adjustment. He also asked for a list of all action items by Friday, October 4.
Senators Brennan and Bell-Metereau asked why there are so many faculty in the College of Liberal Arts with a deviation of more than 1.00. No satisfactory  answer was forthcoming.

III Presidential Committee
The Senate was pleased that all three of its nominees- Senators  Blanda, Sawey, and Stone were appointed to the "task force" looking at the strategic planning process at SWT. The Senate noticed that no deans are on this task force.

IV IDEA Survey- Status Report
There has been no response from the administration on the Senate's request for data. Chair  Renick will make an opens record request. Senator Stutzman stated that the Senate should  do its own survey on deans and chairs. but compare the data with  the IDEA survey. The surveys will be made public. Senator James stated that the survey should go to all eligible faculty. The Senate then had a spirited discussion concerning written comments on chairs and deans.

V  Senate Resolution on closed CAD meetings
Chair Renick commented on his conversation with VPAA Gratz about  closed CAD meetings. Dr. Gratz mentioned that these meetings were essentially staff meetings. Nevertheless, the Senate passed the following resolution moved by  Senator Frost and  seconded by Senator Stone - "The Faculty Senate hereby conveys to President Trauth the following query. Given your ninth objective - a commitment to an  open administration  defined as honest, ethical, and with no secrets, we hereby request a formal explanation  regarding how the proposed changes to CAD meetings, specifically how the holding of 'closed' meetings on a regular basis will further the objective of openness." The resolution  passed unanimously.

VI PAAG Agenda -10/09/02
     The following topics were suggested for the PAAG meeting next week:
      1- Merit, Performance, Post-Tenure Review
      2- Reallocation of Positions
      3- Workload/Scholarly Activities
      4- Status of Equity Adjustment
      5- Faculty Governance
      6- Commencement Requirements
      7- Open Meetings

VII Old Business
      1- Faculty Workload Reporting- Letter to VPAA
      2- Senate Representative to Parking and Transportation- Bob Mooney  selected
      3- Criteria for Doctoral Program Proposals- What are they?
      4- Complimentary Parking- Retired and Modified Retired Faculty?
      5- Equity Study
      6- Faculty Senates meeting- October 25 and 26 -Four Points Hotel - Tony Sanchez there;  maybe Rick Perry

VIII New Business
       1-Approval of Minutes of 9/25/02
       2-Faculty Computer Audits- Concern of audits without faculty  member present; memo sent
          by Chair Renick, edited by Senator Bell-Metereau, written by  Senator Stone, approved by consensus
       3-Expense of Degrees discussed

IX Adjournment- 6:00