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Nov 14, 2001 Minutes


Approved Senate Minutes

November 14, 2001

Senators present: Peeler, Stone, Hays, Blanda, Blevens, Stimmel, Hindson, McKinney, Brennan, Stutzman

Senators absent: Sawey, Gillis, Renick, Carns

Guests and Liaisons: Matthew Swartz, Susan Day (Council of Chairs Rep.), David Easter, Miriam Echeverria, Margaret Vaverek, Ken Margerison, Greg Andrews, Mike Moore (source)

Meeting was called to order by Vice Chair Blevens at 4:00 pm.

Academic Computing Committee
David Easter, chair of the Academic Computing Committee, presented a proposal to improve the application process for funding from the Academic Computing Committee.  The new proposal forms would help both the applicant and the committee by answering questions that routinely arise in the committee deliberations.  Stone moved and Blanda seconded a motion to accept the recommendations of the committee.  The motion was passed unanimously and enthusiastically.

Vice Chair Blevens announced that Jon Bible has been named to the new position of Hearing Officer, a position mandated in the new grievance policy.  Senators McKinney, Hindson, and Hays more or less (some more, some less) volunteered to be placed on a committee to help in the selection of a new Ombudsman to replace Jon Bible. Nancy Chavkin and Joan Hays have been nominated by the faculty to be considered for the Minnie Stevens Piper Professor award.

Developmental Leave Proposals
The Senate then heard proposals from Developmental Leave applicants.  Proposals were submitted by the following faculty members:
    Robert Gorman             Political Science
    Lynn Ledbetter              Music
    James Kimmel               Geography
    Pierre Cagniart               History
    Jene Laman                    Family and Consumer Science
    James Ott                       Biology
    Max Warshauer             Math

Letters will soon be sent to the applicants to inform them of recommendations of the Senate as these proposals now go forward to the Deans and the VPAA for further vetting.

Changes in Post-Tenure REview, SWT-TFA
After a brief break Ken Margerison and Greg Andrews presented a draft post tenure review document incorporating language from the Faculty Handbook.  Included in this document is an outline of specific procedures that should be followed at each level of the process including who should be responsible for various parts of the process.  The members of the Senate who are on the currently-being-formed Post Tenure Review Committee (Stone, Hindson) agreed to take this document to the first meetings of the committee as a starting place.  The Senate voiced appreciation for the well thought out approach to this process which is rightly creating so much apprehension and suspicion among faculty.  The Senate also voiced a strong desire that once the policy governing the initiation and documentation of post tenure review is in place there must be an equally specific policy governing the hearing process after a faculty member has been terminated.

Senate Subcommittee Report on Librarian Pay Status
The report from the Senate Subcommittee on Librarian Status and Pay was RTAd.
Margaret Vaverek did comment that there is good news on the issue of staff pay at the entry level.  Stay tuned for possible good news.  We could use it!

Senator Blanda commented that the evaluation instruments for the VPAA and the President are creating positive comments and interest.

The Minutes of the Nov. 7, 2001 meeting were approved as read.

The Senate adjourned at 6:20 pm.

Minutes stoically submitted by Joan Hays