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March 27, 2002 Minutes



Approved Senate Minutes

March 27, 2002

Senators Present: Blanda, Blevens, Boone, Brennan, Gillis, Hays, Hindson, Perky McKinney, Renick, Sawey, Stimmel, Stone, Stutzman

Senators Absent: Peeler

Guests: Margaret Vaverek, Lori Hughes, Leigh Kilman

The meeting was called to order (or as close as we get on some days) by Chair Renick at  4:00 pm.

The regularly scheduled PAAG meeting was canceled.  We hope to reschedule it soon.

Library liaison Vaverek presented a report from the Faculty Senate Subcommittee on Librarian Pay and Status concerning recommendations/guidelines for Enhanced Status for Librarians.  The librarians are, like staff, hired on a year to year 12 month status.  They are involved in University service and also engage in scholarly and professional development activities.   The report touched on issues such as professional responsibilities, governance, contracts, compensation, promotion and salary increases, leaves and research funds, academic freedom, dismissal or non-reappointment, grievance procedures, librarian job code and grandfathering.  Some Senators were particularly wary of the idea of tying the base rank librarian (assistant librarian) to that of base rank faculty salary (assistant professor).  The discussion ultimately centered around the hope that the MLS degree would be accepted as a terminal degree.  Vaverek pointed out that the entire 11 point document was based on the ACRL recommendations.  It was suggested that the document is open and allows for negotiation and policy development.  One Senator wondered why the Senate was acting as an agency for the library in the first place.  He was quickly informed of the history of this relationship which included the fact that the librarians, not faculty and not staff, were considered of extreme importance to the mission of the university.  As a result, the Senate chose to become an advocate for the librarians.  After much fancy footwork and some behind the scenes slight of hand Sawey moved and Hindson seconded that the senate accept the recommendations of the subcommittee and forward them to VPIT Wyatt, AVP-Alkek Heath and President Supple.  Stone offered an amendment, seconded by Gillis, stating that the Senate supports in principle the rights of the Librarians to attempt to restore their enhanced status.  The motion and the amendment were accepted unanimously by the Senate.  There were moments when the secretary was not sure who was on second!

Senator Mckinney presented to the Senate her research into the regulations governing the voting process for electing senators.  It was determined that the regulations did not need amending but rather some editing to bring dates and vocabulary into the new century.  For example, the original document called for mimeographed ballots.  Some Senators were unsure what one of these might look like if it could be found.  Following are regulations as edited by the Senate:
a.  One month before the end of the spring semester the Senate shall supply each voting member of the Faculty with a ballot listing all persons eligible to be a Senator.
b.  Each voter must mark the name or names of persons as candidates for the Senate place or places falling vacant in the appropriate college at that time and deposit  the ballot in a box provided by the departmental Senator or Liaison.  No voter may nominate more candidates than there are vacancies.
c.  Within five days, excluding Saturday and Sunday, the Senate will prepare a second ballot for each college.  These ballots shall contain the names of nominees for the vacancies.  The total of the nominees shall be twice the number of vacancies to be filled.  In the event of a tie for the last place, those in the tie shall be listed.
     The Faculty Senate is empowered to make the determination for a place on the Senate should a final vote result in a tie.
d.  If a person should decline election to the Senate, the next highest candidate shall be declared elected.
e.  Within two weeks of the Senate's certification of the results of the elections, the Senate shall elect the chairman and secretary by majority vote.

These editorial changes were made necessary by changes in the date of semester beginnings and endings, the addition of secretarial support for the senate, the demise of mimeograph machines, the addition of Senate Liaisons, and the change of the title of School to College.  If there are any questions please contact "Perky" McKinney.  These editorial changes, as moved by Stone and seconded by McKinney, were accepted unanimously citing the need to interpret the constitution in light of technology and other institutional metamorphoses.

The Senate entertained a brief discussion of the progress on the 10 goals established at the beginning of the academic year.  Progress has been made on most goals and some have been completed only to inspire the possibility of new and loftier goals.   This discussion will be RTA'd.

Chair Renick asked for volunteers to Bear the Mace at spring graduation.

Old Business

Some comment was give to the fact that HPERD chair, Bob Pankey, in presenting the budget necessary to sustain the noon recreation program for faculty and staff to VPAA Gratz, seems to be planning to schedule classes in the facilities during the noon hour starting spring of 2003, effectively shutting the facilities down for faculty and staff.  The Senate was distressed by this turn of events and some vigorous discussion resulted.  Little of it was printable.  Staff members, who cannot go off campus for the noon hour recreation activities are especially disconcerted by this threat to their wellness efforts.

Faculty Developmental Leave proposals are due on April 1st.  By the time you read this it will be too late.

A draft PPS on Phased Retirement will be referred to the Retirement Programs Committee.

Curriculum Committee Recommendations will be presented at the 4-10 and 4-24 meetings.  As the year draws to a close everything gets squeezed down to the end like toothpaste in a tube!

New Business

Minutes for March 20, 2002, were approved.

Meeting was adjourned at 5:27 pm

Minutes  fitfully submitted by Joan Hays.