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April 17, 2002 Minutes



Approved Senate Minutes

April 17, 2002

Senators present:  Renick, Sawey, Peeler, Hays, Blevens, Hindson, McKinney, Brennan, Stutzman, Boone, Gillis

Senators absent:  Stone, Blanda, Stimmel

Guest: Cathy Fleuriet

Meeting was called to order by chair Renick at 4:00.5 pm.

Chair Renick promptly appointed Senator Hindson to serve as timekeeper for the hearing of Developmental Leave proposals.  This was partially due to his reputation for excellence gained from the previous week.  He does a wicked ìsafeî sign.  The following faculty presented proposals for Developmental Leave:

 Patricia Evans                               English

 M. Lee Williams                           Speech Communication

 Elizabeth Skerpan-Wheeler           English

 Albert Milhomme                          Marketing

 Diane Gregory                              Art and Design

 Joseph Yick                                  History

 Judy Leavell                                 Curriculum and Instruction

Marketing/Improving Internal Communications

After a brief but essential break our guest, Cathy Fleuriet, discussed the Marketing process that the university is currently exploring.  The Educational Marketing Group (EMG) has been engaged to help the university find its core component (Brand Statement).  They have been contacting faculty, staff and students to gather data and will be bringing the culmination of this data gathering to the committee responsible for making the next round of decisions.   The results of these deliberations will have a major effect on how the university markets itself in the future and it is important that faculty have an opportunity to buy into marketing decisions.  Although there are currently no budget numbers there is a fairly firm time line attached.  Dr. Fleurietís greatest concern right now is that the time line calls for many of these decisions to be made during the summer when faculty are often less available for inclusion.  Her primary reason for visiting with the Senate was to warn the faculty that this process, which many know about, is moving toward closure.  She specifically wanted to encourage faculty to keep up with email and other sources of information so that they can be involved in this process to the degree that they would like to be.  The Senate encourages any faculty or staff people who have questions about this marketing process and its schedule contact Dr. Fleuriet.  So pay attention, folks!  When the administration is concerned that faculty might get bent out of shape because major decisions might be made when the faculty is out of pocket then we should put our shoulders to the wheel and help out as best we can.  Faculty, staff, and students should be receiving emails that announce meetings and hearings so be on the look out and prepare to attend if this is of personal or collective concern.  Consider yourselves forewarned and no whining after the fact!

Old Business

The Senate then considered the resolution concerning sexual orientation recently passed by the ASG.  Support for this type of resolution has been debated and supported by previous swTSU Senate bodies.  After some additional discussion Gillis moved and McKinney seconded a motion to support the ASG in its resolve to amend the swTSU Anti-Discrimination Policy to include sexual orientation as a protected class against discrimination or harassment.  This motion was accepted unanimously.

New Business

The next meeting is our last PAAG meeting for the semester.  The meeting will be held in the Regents Room.  The agenda will be forthcoming.

The minutes of April 10, 2002, were approved.

The meeting adjourned at 6:09 pm on a sad note as Senator Sawey informed us that Mike Moore, a long time Senate friend, was very ill.  We wish him good health!

Minutes mournfully submitted by Joan Hays.