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April 10, 2002 Minutes


Approved Senate Minutes

April 10, 2002

Senators Present:  Renick, Sawey, Peeler, Gillis, Stone, Hays, Blevens, Hindson, McKinney, Brennan, Stutzman, Boone

Senators Absent:  Stimmel, Blanda

Guests listed below in order of appearance.

Meeting was called to order promptly at 4:00pm by chair Renick.

Chair Renick appointed Senator Hindson to act as official time keeper for the first six Faculty Developmental Leave presentations and Senator Stone for the remaining presentations.  The following faculty presented Developmental Leave Proposals:

 Jennifer Forrest          Modern Languages
 Cynthia Peterson        Curriculum and Instruction
 Joseph Humphrey      Accounting
 Beth Wuest                 Family and Consumer Science
 James Garber             Anthropology
 Paula Williamson       Biology
 Ricardo Torrejon        Mathematics
 Dalton Gross              English
 Elizabeth Ann Hall     Curriculum and Instruction
 Gary Winek               Technology

The Senators submitted their ranking forms after briefly discussing each proposal.  There will be seven more to hear at the next meeting.  The timekeepers were praised for their exemplary work.  They were decisive but kind.

The Senate then entered executive session to discuss a Post Tenure Review issue.

New Business
Chair Renick presented an anti-discrimination resolution that the ASG had passed to the Senate.  The senate will consider it in a future meeting.

The minutes for April 3, 2002 were approved as read with the exception of a couple of ├Čtypos├«.

Minutes frantically submitted by Joan Hays.  End of the semester fast lane!