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Jan 24, 2001 Minutes

Senators present:  Chair Hays, Peeler, Stone, Renick, Blanda, Blevens, Stimmel, McKinney, Brennan, Sawey, Skerpan-Wheeler

Guests present:  Mike Moore, Robert Mooney, Becky Mostyn, President Supple

Chair Hays called the meeting to order at 4:00.

President Supple visited to discuss the issue of changing the name of the university with the senate.  He reported that the alumni board would probably endorse the change.  The Development Board has approved it. Student opinion is mixed.  Senator Sawey reported mixed results from the online senate survey last fall.  Senate feeling is mixed.

Robert Mooney, chair of the Academic Standards Committee, presented their revised recommendations for two changes in policy.

The first policy change is as follows:

We recommend that the policy for dropping classes be revised to state:

    "Students may withdraw without instructor approval on/before the 14th class day for regularly scheduled courses or prior to the 4th class session in once a week classes during fall and spring semesters; in summer sessions, students may withdraw without instructor approval on/before the 5th class day.  Instructor approval is required after the 14th class day or the third class session for once a week classes through the 9th week of class during the fall and spring semesters;  it is also required after the 5th class day through the 10th class day during a summer session.  Instructors should only give approval under the following conditions:

    a. The student has complied fully with the instructor's attendance policy.
    b. The student has taken all the tests and turned in all papers and/or projects due by the drop date.
    c. The student has made a determined effort to learn the material, complete the work, and participate in class.

Students can petition for a "hardship drop" following the 14th day or the 4th class session during the fall and spring semesters or the 5th class day during a summer session, if unable to complete a course due to physical and/or medical debilitation, or extenuating circumstances beyond their control.

Students will not be permitted to drop a course after the 9th week of classes during the fall and spring semester or the 10th class day during a summer session unless a hardship is verified."

Motion to adopt made by Sawey, seconded by Peeler, passed 8 to 2.

The second policy change is as follows:

The Undergraduate Catalog (2000-2002) states, "When a course is repeated more than once, the second grade (first repeat) and all subsequent grades (repeats) are included in computing SWT hours attempted, grade-points earned and GPA....The first time that a course is repeated, Fall 1991 or after, it will be calculated as if it were the first repeat of the course.  Any additional repetitions will be counted as second or greater repeats.  If the last grade in a repeated course is lower than an earlier grade, the last grade is used to determine whether the course fulfills university requirements."

The Senate would like to add to this paragraph "NO COURSE MAY BE REPEATED MORE THAN TWICE."

Motion made by Renick, seconded by Sawey, passed unanimously.

Senator Renick presented information about the faculty hiring process and requested responses.  Senators were especially concerned that faculty be involved in writing the criteria for positions in their departments.  Senators should email Senator Renick with suggestions.

Chair Hays reported on the Facilities Committee's concerned about  a faculty dining facility.  The senate recommended forming a special, ad hoc committee to study the matter and make recommendations.  The committee will include administrators, senators, and members of the Facilities Committee and Staff Council.

Chair Hays reported on Staff Council's concerns about the salary survey method and its request for senate support.  The senate decided to invite a member of Staff Council to visit and explain the issue in greater detail.

The Merit Appeals Form, designed by Senator Stone, has been approved with the section on "denial justification" deleted.  The next Regents' Meeting will discuss merit appeals with, among others, system lawyer Gomez, and Professors Bible and McGee.

Next week, the senate will meet in JCK 662 to see a demonstration of the new DARS program for advising.

Chair Hays will be attending an informal meeting with Dr. Urbanovsky with the Faculty Senate Chairs of the TSUS on Feb. 23rd.

New Business:

Senator Skerpan-Wheeler suggested revisions in the PPS on faculty awards to bring the deadline for nominations and submission of materials in line with departments' annual review process.  Chair Hays will bring the matter to CAD.

Senator Blevens requested information from the admissions office to clarify their actions in admitting students with low GPAs after the application deadline.

The meeting adjourned at 5:54.

Respectfully submitted, Elizabeth Skerpan-Wheeler