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Dec 13, 2000 Minutes

Senators present: Hays, Stimmel, Stone, Brennan, Renick, Blevens, Gillis.

Visitors: Cecilia Temponi, Michel Conroy, Mike Moore.

The meeting was called to order at 4:25 pm

Although there was not a quorum the Senate chose to meet and do business because the Research Advisory Committee Report being given by Dr. Temponi required Senate approval.

Dr. Temponi presented the results of the deliberations of the RAC, explaining how the proposals were evaluated and ranked and distributed the list of proposals being funded.

The following items concerning the evaluation process were discussed:

1. The process has become as competitive as that of seeking external funding in that approximately 30% of the proposals
    were funded.
2. The committee had almost $181,000.00 to award but requests for $450,000.00.
3. The electronic submission process had some bugs in it but will be worked out before the Spring proposals.
4. Confidentiality of the results of the Research Advisory Committees has, in a few instances, been breached. The
     importance of confidentiality will be stressed with the next round of proposals. Chair Hays will take this up with the
    CAD as well as other issues concerning the make-up of these committees and the importance of their work in meeting
    the goals of the University.
5. We are hoping to find a way to standardize the evaluation process within the Research Advisory Committees.
6. Because many faculty still have problems conforming to the proposal format requirements the RAC requested that the
    guidelines for the proposal narrative be "number of words" rather than "pages/spacing." The Senate endorsed this last
    suggestion unanimously.

The motion to accept the report of the RAC (Renick/Stone) was also unanimous.

Senator Blevens reported that the new task force on Academic Honesty is meeting and the preliminary feeling is that it will be a productive committee.

The minutes from 12-6-00 were approved as corrected.

The meeting adjourned at 5:25 pm