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Jan 26, 2000 Minutes

Senators Present:  Hays, Peeler, Bible, McKinney, Skerpan-Wheeler,

Stimmel, Renick, Stone, Gordon, Gillis

Senators Absent:  Conroy

Two seats vacant

Guests:  J. Supple (by phone), J. Studer, J. Wacker, M. Vaverek,.  M.
Farris, M. Moore, University Star Reporter L. Kosmitis, University Star
Photographer S. Malaspina

Chair Hays called the meeting to order at 4:00 pm


Dr. Supple placed a call to the Faculty Senate announcing that SWT
would be asking the Board of Regents to approve a proposal to move our
football program  from the 1AA division to the 1A division at their February
meeting. Dr. Supple gave his rationale for this proposal, the benefits he thought
moving from 1AA to 1A would bring to SWT and answered some questions.
Drs.Studer and Wacker presented details of the 4 year plan which will be
presented to the Board of Regents, discussed funding for this -indicating
that no funds which should be designated for academics would be used -
and answered questions.  Senatorsí questions were mostly related to funding,
facilities, and parking.

Drs. Supple,  Studer, and Wacker  made it clear that they were informing
the Faculty Senate rather than seeking input or support.

Blackboard Project

Mr. Mike Farris presented information about this software program which
allows faculty to put course information, handouts, etc. on-line.
Twenty-four SWT faculty members have been trained to use this program
and have placed course information and materials for 29 courses on-line.

Mr. Farris also explained the support available to faculty who wish to
learn to use this system and offered to conduct a training session for the
Faculty Senate. The Faculty Senate expressed an interest, so Mr. Farris will
conduct a training session for the Faculty Senate this spring.

Faculty Survey & Future Directions


Faculty Senate Committee Membership Director



Chair Joan Hays reported that  President Supple will implement our
suggestion regarding creating an Academic Honesty Task Force and
added Senator Jon Bible to the list of senators recommended for
membership in the task force.

Chair Joan Hays reminded senators of the need to elect faculty to the
Research Advisory Committee and to send the names of those elected
or appointed to the Senate office.

New Business

Senator Jon Bible presented information about new laws which might
impact SWT policy on grievances related to tenure and promotion,
related Regents Rules, etc.

Senator Jon Bible also suggested three issues which the Faculty Senate
should consider:

1.  the impact of retaking failed courses on GPAís
2.  the appropriateness of late registration extending two weeks in
      a new semester
3.  the appropriateness of drop dates late in the semester which
      essentially allow failing students to avoid a failing grade by
      dropping classes at the last minute.

Chair Joan Hays scheduled discussions of these issues for future Faculty

Senate meetings.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the January 19, 2000 Faculty Senate meeting were approved
as amended.  (Gillis/McKinney) .

The meeting was adjourned at 6:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

M. K. Gillis