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March 10, 1999 Minutes

Present: Anderson, Bible, Conroy, Gordon, Hays, McGee, Pascoe, Sawey, Skerpan-
Wheeler, Stimmel, and Winek.

Absent: Gillis, Irvin, Renick

Liaison present: Linda Thomas

The meeting was called to order by Chair Bible at 4:00 p.m.


The Senate held a follow-up discussion on last week's topic of ORSP.
The consensus was that the ORSP should have more full-time staff and not rely
on student workers in positions where the staffer is called upon to dispense
information to grant-seekers and others inquiring about research funding
information. The Senate felt that this is a critical area and should be
handled by permanent employees of SWT.


The Senate discussed various aspects of the VPIT position and will
include the following as an upcoming PAAG Agenda item.

1. Status of search
2. Stakeholders should be consulted and represented
3. Will Senate receive copy of report that will be submitted by the consultants
that we are hiring regarding IT needs?
4. How much will extending the search with consultant/headhunters cost?
5. Will the VPIT Search Committee be consulted when a candidate is identified?
6. The Search Committee's candidates were apparently rejected because of a
"lack of vision"; the Senate would like clarification of this phrase.


The appointment to replace Dr. Cardenas on the Curriculum Committee was
referred to the Committee on Committees.


Sen. Conroy moved that the Senate invite selected committee chairs to a
Senate meeting prior to the end of Spring Semester '99 to provide an update on
their committee's activities. The motion passed unanimously. The committees
selected were Academic Standards, Facilities and Environment, and LET.


The Senate voted to replace three members of this committee who have
not been attending meetings and to ask the Committee on Committees to recommend
their replacements.


Dr. Sam Tarsitano be appointed to replace Dr. Sawey on this committee.
The motion passed with one abstention.

The Senate voted to have Sen. Anderson replace Dr. Yick on the
committee and to serve as chair.


The Senate voted to put the following faculty on the ballot for the
upcoming campuswide election to replace outgoing member Don Hazelwood on this

Dr. Richard Archer
Dr. Robert Gorman
Dr. Erik Nielson
Dr. Robert Northcutt
Dr. Paula Renfro
Dr. Philip Salem
Dr. Loyd Wright


The following items were placed on the agenda for the March 31 PAAG meeting:

2. Status of "Field of Study"
3. Regents meeting report
4. VP Nance memo on Step System
5. The Fall Enrollment situation
6. ATP Building
7. Antidiscrimination. Would Pres. Supple be willing to ask a Regent to
include on the board's agenda the Senate proposal to amend the Regents Rules to
prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation?

The minutes of March 3 were approved as corrected.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:41 p.m.