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April 29, 1998 Minutes

Present: Anderson, Bible, Conroy, Deduck-Evans, Gillis, Hays, Hunter, Irvin,
McGee, Oliver, Pascoe, Sawey, Simpson, Stimmel, and Winek.

Absent: None

Guests: Suji Singh (Math), Dylan Sides (STAR), and Mike Moore.

Retirement Program
Pres. Award for Excellence in Teaching
Research Enhancement Grants
SWT Smoking Policy
Developmental Leave Applicants
New Business
PAAG Agenda
Minutes of 4-22-98
Adjournment of the 39th Senate

The meeting was called to order by Chair Bible at 4:02pm.


Professor Singh presented a report from the Senate's Retirement Programs
Committee. The senate voted to endorse its recommendations and pass them
along to VPAA Nance and Personnel Director McBride. The report was prompted by
a question from Prof. Early as to whether, in light of recent tax law changes,
it is still in the best interest of faculty to participate in tax sheltered TSA
or ORP programs. The committee noted that participation in one of the programs
is legislatively mandated; regarding which option is preferable, it made the
following recommendations, endorsed by the Senate:

#1: Caveat emptor! Each TSA participant is encouraged to evaluate the long-
term and short-term tax consequences of using TSA v. other mechanisms.

#2: The committee urges VP Nance to take necessary steps to make sure that
erratic remittance of TSA contributions is eliminated.

-- TSA and ORP contributions should be remitted together whenever feasible to
eliminate the dichotomy of delivery;

-- At any rate, the same mechanism of delivery should be employed for both; or,

-- An electronic mode of delivery should be implemented for submitting both
ORP and TSA contributions as soon as possible to eliminate the recurring


The Senators involved in the selection of the recipients of this award have made
certain recommendations for changes in the process. Discussion of this item was
tabled until June so that the Service and Scholarly Excellence committees could
also provide input.


Senator Conroy presented suggested changes to Faculty Senate Standing Rule,
Article VIII. They were discussed and will be placed on next week's agenda.


The senate voted to recommend that the University Council table consideration
of a change in the SWT smoking policy at least until it has been shown that
process has been followed, which includes receiving answers to questions posed
by Prof. Ev Swinney in a memo to Personnel Director McBride.


The senate voted to send written feedback on Developmental Leave proposals only
to the individuals who wrote the proposals.


The following items will be placed on the agenda for the Tuesday, May 5 PAAG
meeting with Drs. Supple and Gratz:

1. Library - status of the quality team report, career ladder, and scheduling
2. Progress of Evaluation of Chairs and Deans Committee
3. Drug Policy - penalty for students v. student-athletes
4. Penalty Equity - for students accused of crimes
5. Bonuses - criteria document
6. Equity Study

Minutes of 4-22-98

The minutes of the 4-22-98 meeting were approved with the changes suggested by
Senator Simpson.

The 39th Senate was adjourned at 5:10.


The 40th Senate was convened at 5:25 p.m.

Organization of the 40th Senate
Election of Officers
New Business


Newly elected senators are Stephen Gordon from EAPS (replacing Grant Simpson),
Oren Renick from Health Administration (replacing Diana Hunter) and Elizabeth
Skerpan from English (replacing Pat Deduck-Evans). Jon McGee from Anthropology
was re-elected to a new term. The term of Joe Oliver (Business) expired; Prof.
Oliver will not be replaced based on the formula for allocating Senate seats.

Name Term Dept School Phone Email

Audwin Anderson 1999 Soc Lib Arts 57606 aa04@internet
Jon Bible 2000 Fin/Econ Bus 53241 jb18
Michel Conroy 2000 Art F Arts 52611 mc15@internet
Marguerite Gillis 2000 C&I Ed 53096 mg06@internet
Stephen Gordon 2001 EAPS Ed 52575 sg07
Joan Hays 1999 HPER Ed 52561 jh22
Jim Irvin 2000 Chemistry Science 53113 ji02@internet
Jon McGee 2001 Anthrop Lib Arts 58272 rm08@internet
Charles Pascoe 1999 Theatre F Arts 52147 cp05
C. Oren Renick 2001 Health Admin H Prof 52460 cr13
Ronald Sawey 1999 Comp Sci Science 53442 rs01
Elizabeth Skerpan 2001 English Lib Arts 53727 es10@internet
Theron Stimmel 1999 Psychol Lib Arts 52526 ds03
Gary Winek 2000 Tech App Arts 52137 gw04

Organization of the 40th Senate

Elections were held with the following results:

Chair: Jon Bible
Vice Chair: Joan Hays
Secretary: None. Senators agreed to continue rotating the duty of taking
TCFS Representative: Joan Hays

The meeting was adjourned at 6:07.