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May 13, 1996 Minutes

Present: Bible, Bourgeois, Caverly, Ford, Hays, Horne, Hunter,
Parkin-Speer, Simpson, Stimmel, Weller, and Winek. Absent: McGee, Pascoe,
and Sawey.

Guests: Prof. Sam Tarsitano (Biology); Exec-VP Abbott, Chief Megerson.


a. Tilton grievance thusfar
b. Broader issues (Prof. Tarsitano)
89 THE AUDIT (Prof. Savage's letter)
14 DEVELOPMENTAL LEAVE POLICY (Report on outcome requirement)
32 PARKING (Guests: Exec-VP Abbott and Chief Megerson)

The meeting was called to order at 3:05, Chair Bible presiding.


Sandra Akridge, the assistant in the Faculty Senate office, has
resigned due to the ill-health of her Mother for whom Sandra is the sole
caretaker. The Senate commended her dedication and will present her with a
gift of appreciation.


a. Tilton grievance thusfar

As you know the Grievance Committee found for Prof Tilton regarding
his objection to the cancellation of the NASA/JOVE grant with him and Dr.
Tarsitano. The Administration overturned this in favor of cancelling the
grant. Prof. Tilton met with the Board of Regents and the President last
week. So far no action has been taken publicly. This issue regards the
breaking of "contract," etc. The idea of contract and other issues were
discussed as reported in the next segment.

b. Broader issues (Guest: Prof. Tarsitano)

Prof. Tarsitano introduced a memo (handout) on which a dept. chair
in his own hand blasted the granting of a Research Enhancement Grant to one
of his department. This is interesting since he had signed off on this for
the competition for these grants. Prof. Stimmel, who was on the Grievance
Committee which heard the Tilton grievance, indicated that this was mild
compared to the grievance proceedings. The Grievance Committee found in
favor of Prof. Tilton. These proceedings are recorded and will soon be
transcribed and distributed to us by the Texas Faculty Association (TFA).
SWT Attorney Bill Fly says these are open hearings documents which should
be available to all.

The Senate voted to hear segments of the recording and read the
transcripts of the entire seven-hour grievance proceedings. Apparently the
Senate has been involved in these kinds of deliberations before, when they
involved wider policies than just an individual grievance. The big
question is how are chairs and deans dealing with faculty. Questions on
how to operationalize an investigation were raised.

The Senate RTA'd this until we read the transcriptions of testimony
and documents submitted in the grievance hearings.


Four candidates are under consideration and Pres. Supple is meeting
with finalists today. Perhaps we will have a decision by Wednesday, May

A draft of the Athletic Task Force was distributed and Prof. Bible
who is on the Task Force pointed out several areas that might be of special
interest. For example, the report recommends: (1) That we stay in the same
Division I level (IAA for football) for the present. All kinds of PR
reasons and school-size ability to fund reasons are given; (2) That head
coaches and dept. heads monitor expenditures in their programs [It appears
that everyone has been taking from the general pot and no one has kept
track of who spent what and how much was left on a day-to-day basis], (3)
That slots be left open for those athletes (currently 30) who meet NCAA
admission requirements but not those of the higher SWT standard and that
tutoring be supplied. [One Senator noted that athletic tutoring receives
$123,000, while SLAC which serves the entire student body (including many
athletes) receives $89,000. Are we operating efficiently/effectively
here?]; (4) That income estimates will not be higher than the previous
year's, because it seems that anticipation is rosier than reality on
attendance, etc.; and (5) The VP for Student Affairs will oversee
Athletics. Also, questions were raised about criteria for merit pay for
coaches. [We will ask ExecVP Abbott. See below]. How much money is
coming from Auxiliary funds, etc., in addition to student fees?

89 THE AUDIT (Prof. Savage's letter)

A letter from Prof. Savage (Finance & Econ.) was distributed with
questions about the audit. This will return to the agenda.


Prof. John McGee (Finance & Econ) proposed in a letter to the
Senate that the Excellence in Teaching Award be re-named in honor of Prof.
Ev Swinney. The Senate agreed by voice acclaim.

14 DEVELOPMENTAL LEAVE POLICY (Report on outcome requirement)

Should developmental leave faculty be required to submit a report
indicating activities and accomplishments at the end of their leaves?
Discussion included such points as, that leaves used to be "sabbaticals" in
which one could rest and recuperate or research, but that now leaves are
for research and some kind of advancement in scholarship or creativity in
one's discipline. Certainly SWT requirements have changed and leave
proposals must show explicit goals and methodology. This is not to say
that these may not change somewhat during the leave, given adverse or
serendipitous circumstances. In answer to a question about what are the
norms around the country, it was suggested that "accountability" was
directing others toward the same position. Prof. Weller moved that we ask
the VPAA's office to collect required reports. The motion was seconded and

32 PARKING (Guests: Exec-VP Abbott and UPD Chief Megerson)

Before we got into the area of parking, the Senate asked Dr. Abbott
to clarify the additional monies given to coaches on the basis of student
retention, recruiting, public relations, etc. The answer was that these
were factors in granting regular merit (and retention of coaches, according
to the above Task Force Report). For extra monies, coaches are hired for
summer camps.

A handout was distributed regarding recent accomplishments and
ongoing problems in the area of parking. The "Chronic Offender Policy"
from Chief Megerson was printed in the University Star. The bottom line is
"thou shalt not park illegally." If thou doest, thou shalt get a ticket
from one of the new eight ticketers or one of the old ones, thou shalt have
a boot attached to thy vehicle after three tickets. That's $10 plus ticket
and UPD will try to contact thee, thou miscreant, but after three hours thy
vehicle shalt be towed which is looking at about $75 or so, and thou shalt
have this on thy permanent record. This latter point of being on thy
permanent record is in honor of thy well-heeled compatriots who consider
several hundred dollars a year in parking tickets as the "cost of doing
business." $5 of the $10 boot removal fee will go to a scholarship fund.

In honor of those tired of standing in line, the UPD will have
separate lines for permit seekers and fine payers (a new cashier has been
added and hours extended). In addition to drop boxes for fine payers,
permit seekers will be able to pay individually by mail, as well as take
advantage of dept. collective payment for permits for staff which many
depts. have done for some time.

For the next 18 months, red-space parking around the central campus
will be tight as construction takes over The Pit area. A few spaces will
be opened up with newly paved areas. Temporary red-tags for TAs, etc. will
not be issued. Until parking garages are completed, it appears that
staff/faculty will have to prepare for long distance parking, if they
arrive at peak hours.

Questions were asked about the first week mess. Apparently there
is not much that can be done, except that we have more ticketers and there
will be more personnel to direct traffic away from inappropriate parking

In response to the question about the number of illegally obtained
red tags (see previous minutes), Chief Megerson said there were not that
many that had been identified. It appears that most illegals were
part-time faculty/staff who received red-tags, but half give them back
immediately on notification. Others respond on follow-up contact. Maybe
four persons or so a semester are in default on illegal red tags to

It was pointed out that exit gates are needed in some areas to keep
people from coming in the "back-door" to park illegally. This will be
attended to as gates are removed elsewhere due to the construction mess.
Can the defunct bus stop on N. LBJ near the Music and Taylor-Murphy bldgs.
be converted into another 10 spaces? [Will be investigated, Megerson
says.] Parking up the hill from there will also be examined and probably
freed up.

The budget given the Senate included only the fines and a fuzzy
idea of where funds go. How much do parking permits contribute? [Answer:
About $250,000.] With fines and parking permits and E&G funds, we may be
looking at around $1 million per year. UPD will supply the Senate with
more definite figures of income and outgo.


The next Senate will convene on Tuesday June 11th from 3:00 to 5:00.

Ramona Ford