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Sept 6, 1995 Minutes (PAAG)

Present:   Bible, Caverly, Deduck-Evans, Ford, Glassman, Horne, Hunter, 
Middlebrook, Pascoe, Sawey, Stedman, Swinney, Weller, and Winek.

Absent: Lyman.

Guests: Pres. Supple, VPAA Gratz, VPF&SS; Profs. Frank J. Flauto
(Speech Comm.), Pat Gleason-Wynn and Sandra Galvan Posada (Social Work),
Mike Hennessy (English & TFA Pres.), Oren Renick (Health Adm.); Edna Aquirre
Rehbein (ACE Fellow, Pres. Office); Julie Stanfield (Student Intern);
Mike Moore, Sandra Akridge.


35 INSURANCE COMMITTEE (Prof. Oren Renick)
36-108 BUDGET CYCLE, FY96 (Salary Poll)
33 SENIOR FACULTY SYSTEM (Habingreither Letter)

The meeting was called to order at 4:00, Chair Swinney presiding.

14 PAAG:

The draft PAAG minutes are out for review and will be posted in a
week or so.

35 INSURANCE COMMITTEE (Prof. Oren Renick and Julie Stanfield)

The mission of the Insurance Committee is to provide information to
the Employee Retirement Service (ERS) which handles our insurance.
Prof. Renick and assistant, intern Stanfield, noted the difficulties they
were having getting names for a grassroots patient satisfaction survey for
our health care systems. They want to know about patient satisfaction with
access, cost, and quality of care. Their primary goal is to elicit opinions
on hospital service--inpatient, outpatient, and emergency room care--from a
one-year period to set a base by which to compare later surveys. ERS said
they could not provide information. ERS made a request to the State
Attorney General to get us to stop asking for information on SWT
employees who received hospital care, which the AG refused. Still ERS
stonewalls providing information, so the Committee is asking the Faculty
Senate to help facilitate a survey to all faculty (and they will ask
administrators to canvass staff). In the long run the Committee would like
to ask staff and faculty about their satisfaction with their own doctors, as
well as hospital treatment.

Attorney/Prof. Bible suggested that SWT attorney Bill Fly contact
Loretta LaHaye in the AG's office regarding requesting release of this
information from ERS under the Open Records Act.

Prof. Glassman suggested that since the Committee wanted to do a
survey of satisfaction with personal doctors, they combine the hospital and
doctor questionnaires and send them to all SWT personnel.

Prof. Pascoe suggested that the issue of confidentiality might be of
concern if a patient had sought help from an addiction center (diagnoses are
not asked for to hospitals in the survey, but treatment at an addiction center
is rather explicit).

Prof. Hunter moved that a deadline for ERS to respond be set in mid
October and, if that effort on the part of the AG failed, a survey be sent to
all SWT personnel regarding their satisfaction with hospital and personal
physicians. The motion passed.

36-108 BUDGET CYCLE, FY96 (Salary Poll)

It was pointed out in the draft of the poll, that the faculty be made
aware that the Senate is seeking a response for their recommendation to the
Administration. The Senate does not have the power to determine how the
2 percent (above the 3 percent performance increase) will be distributed.
A poll of faculty opinion will be helpful to both Senate and Administration.
The poll will be distributed on Monday, September 11, and should be
returned to Faculty Senate Ballot Boxes by Monday, September 18.

33 SENIOR FACULTY SYSTEM (Habingreither Letter)

In some departments, where the Faculty Handbook provision on
Senior Faculty is followed explicitly, the junior faculty is excluded from
participation in the policy-making process. This is an especial concern of the
Council for Women, which, through a letter to the Senate via Prof. Bob
Habingreither, point out that "there is a rather large concentration of female
faculty at the Junior Faculty level." "Our Committee generally feels that
this [the Handbook definition] is a weakness in the governance structure of
the University, not just because of the exclusion of so many females, but
because of the exclusion of so many young, energetic faculty. . . ." Faculty
Handbook standards, perhaps, need to be changed. This topic will be returned
to the


The minutes were approved.


Prof. Swinney distributed draft materials which would initiate the
annual selection of Piper/Senate Teaching Award nominees and a new
tenure-track representative to University Council. The Senate will consider
these drafts next week.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:05 p.m.
Ramona Ford