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Oct 4, 1995 Minutes

Present: Bible, Caverly, Deduck-Evans, Ford, Glassman, Horne, Hunter,
Lyman, Middlebrook, Pascoe, Sawey, Stedman, Swinney, Weller, and

Guests: Prof. Lou Caruana (Allied Health); Prof. Lawrence Estaville
(Chair, Geography), Prof. Richard Boehm (Geography); Mike Moore,
Sandra Akridge.


43 PH.D. IN GEOGRAPHY (Curriculum Com., Prof. Caruana)
32 PARKING (Faculty Ticket Givers)
38 RESEARCH COMMITTEE (Reconstitution)

The meeting was called to order at 4:00, Chair Swinney presiding.

43 PH.D. IN GEOGRAPHY (Curriculum Com., Prof. Caruana)

Prof. Caruana presented the recommendations of the Curriculum
Committee to accept the following proposals:
(1) The Ph.D. program in Geography
(2) 29 new 7000-level courses for that program
(3) The concept of a proposed B.S. in Radiation Therapy
(4) Changing the name of Medical Technology to Clinical
Laboratory Science
(5) Two name changes of programs in Agriculture
(6) Changing the M.A.T. in Sociology to M.A.

The last three proposals are name changes to reflect the needs of the
changing curricula and were accepted by the Senate. There was a vote to
support the concept of a B.S. in Radiation Therapy (the actual program
proposal will come later).

Profs. Estaville and Boehm presented the Ph.D. in Geography
proposal and answered questions regarding projected costs and income
(from grants, contracts, State funding), new courses, the possible effects on
the geography undergraduate program, collaboration with other departments
on grants and research, etc.

Prof. Swinney distributed a spreadsheet pulling together the
cost/income figures which were in the proposal. It was pointed out that
space costs will come out of HEAF funds. Some pros and cons of the
University becoming a Ph.D. granting institution were discussed,
particularly possible long-run effects on our much vaunted friendly
undergraduate atmosphere when other departments also expand into the
doctorate. The Senate voted (10-4, the Chair does not vote except to break
a tie) to accept the Committee's recommendation for the Ph.D. in
Geography and the 29 new 7000-level courses.


The Curriculum Committee has approved a two semester thesis course
for Honors (research methods/thesis), a change in the History of Ideas
course to broaden its cultural coverage, an Honors 3392 Nature of Human
Experience umbrella course, and the requirement of 5 honors courses in
place of the current 4. A motion was accepted to endorse the
nonsubstantive changes and deal later with the new course when it is
proposed formally.


The Senate voted to invite Profs. James Wilson (Liberal Arts) and
Wayman Mullins (Applied Arts) to join the Ad Hoc Committee to examine
the instrument used in the past and to determine whether the Senate wants to
go forward with the evaluation of administrators. Other Committee
members are Profs. Lou Caruana (Health Profs.), Steve Beebe (Fine Arts),
Bob Northcutt (Science), Rumaldo Juarez (Health Profs.), Jon Bible (Business),
David Wiley (Education), and Paul Raffeld (Testing Center).

32 PARKING (Faculty Ticket Writers)

At a recent Senate meeting parking was discussed with Exec-VP Mike
Abbott, Police Chief John Megerson, and Mr. Steve Prentice (Parking
Control Officer). Complaints about illegal parking had been received from
several faculty and some had stated they were ready to write tickets
themselves. Subsequently we received a note from Mr. Prentice asking for
a list of faculty who wanted to take training and write tickets. Prof.
Swinney checked with Atty. Bill Fly regarding possible liability.
Mr. Fly thought there would be no legal impediments to faculty if they
chose to participate in this.

The Senate, however, voted to reply to Mr. Prentice that this should be
a matter between individual faculty and the UPD and that emphasis should
be placed on hiring more student ticketers. Fines should more than cover
this cost.

Following is the Senate's memorandum to Mr. Prentice:

"In response to your request for a list of faculty who want to write tickets,
the Senate has asked me to inform you that we do not choose to serve as a
clearing house for this enterprise. We have no inclination to participate in
anything that might be construed as an attempt to redefine the faculty service
function to include doing the job of the police department.

"We recognize that this suggestion came from individual faculty and we
have no objection to such individuals volunteering for that duty. We
suggest you solicit such volunteers through regular University
communication channels.

"The Senate has long believed, and we still strongly believe, that ample
money is generated by parking fees and permits to finance rigorous parking
enforcement. In FY94, according to the Annual Financial Report, parking
permits and fees together generated over $1 million in income. Our
position, quite simply, is that more of this income must be spent on

"Thank you for your willingness to accommodate those faculty who would
like to volunteer for ticket writing training and duty."

Prof. Swinney will remind Exec-VP Abbott via e-mail regarding the
Senate's position on hiring more student ticketers, particularly at peak

In the Parking Committee meeting of 9/29/95, Chief Megerson
reported that he had looked into the complaint brought up in the earlier
Senate meeting that vehicles parked out-of-zone were rarely towed. Finding
this to be the case, he said a new policy of towing on the fourth ticket
will be enforced. Announcements in the Daily University Star will be
made. Perhaps faculty will do their students a favor and warn them of the
new "three strikes and you're out" policy of impoundment.

38 RESEARCH COMMITTEE (Reconstitution)

The vacancy on the Committee has not been filled. The Senate voted
on nominees to be asked to serve. [Subsequently R.D. Ogden (Computer
Science) accepted the appointment.]


The minutes were approved as read.


No new items were introduced. The Senate will be meeting with the
CAD Tuesday October 10th, 4:00-6:00, 11th floor JCK. Also they are
meeting with University Council, Thursday October 12, 3:00-5:00, HE101.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:05 p.m.
Ramona Ford