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Texas State University

Acknowledgement of Receipt of Cash or Cash Equivalent


By signing this form I am acknowledging that I received cash or a gift card in the value of ___________from ______________________________ as compensation for participation in research.


By signing this form and accepting this compensation, I verify that:


            a. I am not an employee of Texas State University.

            b. I am a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident.


I also understand and acknowledge that should I receive a total of $600 in incentive pay for participating in other research projects offered through Texas State it will be reported to the Internal Revenue Service and a 1099 form will be issued. My mailing address for Texas State to send me a W-9 in the event that my total incentive payments within a calendar year is:


Mailing Address:

_____________________________________             __________________________

Printed Name                                                                       Last 4 digits of SSN *


_____________________________________             __________________________

Signature                                                                              Date



As a representative of this study, I am acknowledging that I distributed _______________ to the above named participant.


_____________________________________             __________________________

Signature of Investigator                                                    Date



_____________________________________             __________________________

Principal Investigator                                                          Date


*A unique number identifier will be accepted if no social security number is available.