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Texas Music History Online

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Welcome to Texas Music History Online!

Welcome to Texas Music History Online, a unique website devoted to the study of Texas history and culture by exploring the remarkable musical heritage of our state. Here you will find biographies of Texas musicians, descriptions of the different genres of music, and histories of the many places throughout the state with rich musical heritage.  Texas music is truly unique.  Spanning a broad array of genres, including blues, gospel, ragtime, jazz, conjunto, Tejano, country, zydeco, cajun, rock and roll, and many others, Texas music, perhaps better than anything else, reflects the rich history and tremendous ethnic and cultural diversity of the Southwest.

The Center for Texas Music History is a non-profit educational program devoted to the preservation and study of the musical history of Texas and the American Southwest. We created Texas Music History Online to help promote and facilitate heritage tourism related to Texas music, and also to serve as a research database, an interactive classroom teaching tool, and an informational resource for researchers, educators, and Texas music enthusiasts. Researched and written by historians, the articles provide an illuminative look into the rich and diverse musical legacy of Texas.