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Iglesias y Camposantos: Sacred Spaces for Mexican Catholics

This photographic exhibit uses oral history interviews and historical photos and documents to explore the culture and heritage of Mexican American Catholic churches, cemeteries, and funerary practices in San Marcos, Texas. Originally serving as a mission church for the Mexican community in central Texas, the parish soon tried to Americanize during the first half of the twentieth century. Following World War II and the Civil Rights Movement, Mexican Americans were able to establish a small chapel that embraced their Spanish language and Mexican Catholic traditions.

Conducted over several years, the project, led by Ana M. Juárez (Department of Anthropology), involved collaboration between students, faculty and others at Texas State University, local agencies and institutions, and most importantly the local Mexican American community who generously shared the stories of their lives.

CSSW Photography Exhibit

Mosaic Cross Image for Iglesias y Camposantos: Sacred Spaces for Mexican Catholics