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Critical Indigenous Photographic Exchange [CIPX]

On November 16, 2019, photographer and artist Will Wilson held a Critical Indigenous Photographic Exchange [CIPX] with members and allies of central Texas’ indigenous communities.  Dine’ artist Will Wilson started the CIPX as a direct counter to the centennial celebration of Edward S. Curtis’ compendium of Native American and indigenous subjects.  Here, Will Wilson hands the tintype over to the people who sat for the tintype photograph completed by Will Wilson, giving them control over the original photographic product.  He also makes a digital scan of the image which he provides to the photo subjects.  

Students and faculty in the Photography department helped Will Wilson set up his tintype studio just off the Pleasant Street sidewalk, opposite the photo department.  Inspired by the collaboration and conversation catalyzed by Will Wilson, the Center for the Study of the Southwest, the Department of Photography and the School of Art and Art History have agreed to have a student-led exhibit at the Center for the Study of the Southwest that puts M.F.A students’ work in dialogue with Will Wilson’s projects.  We look forward to this dialogue around the legacies of colonialism and photography in the Southwest. Many thanks to Robert Contreras, Brandy Hill, Ruby Longoria, Rebecca Jenson and Kayla Swinford.

Visit Will Wilson's website.