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Area Business Support

Established Courses and Programs

Texas State Continuing Education offers hundreds of established courses and programs through a variety of modalities. Visit our Face-to-Face and Hybrid Courses or Online Courses pages for a complete list of available courses and programs.

Customized Courses and Programs

 We are pleased to work with area businesses, to develop specialized training, programming, or courses to meet those organizations’ and employees’ specific needs. Learn more below.

Business people in an office setting

 To serve local small and medium-sized businesses, our capabilities include offering the current programming indicated above, as well as developing additional customized programming as needed. We take pride in our ability to adapt Continuing Education programming to the needs of local businesses and their employees. We understand that established professional development and training may not meet the needs of specific businesses, so we are pleased to work with area businesses, to develop specialized training to meet their organizations’ and employees’ needs.

Programs and courses developed through Texas State Continuing Education  may be offered online, at the business or program site, or on the Texas State University campus. Training days and times can be customized to accommodate our partners' needs. Many programs and courses offered through Continuing Education provide an industry-recognized certification or conclude with the student's eligibility to sit for industry certification exams.

Support Capabilities

Texas State Continuing Education can offer the following services to area businesses and other partners:

  • upskilling of employees
  • assistance retaining employees
  • asynchronous or synchronous online, hybrid, or face-to-face training and professional development
  • customized training and professional development, to meet specific needs of businesses
  • course registration capabilities through our course registration system
  • assistance securing or locating grant opportunities

Area Partnerships

Texas State Continuing Education partners with the Capital Area Rural Workforce Commission, the Greater San Marcos Partnership, the Hill Country Human Resources Management Association, and area employers, to develop and offer professional development and Continuing Education programming to meet the market needs of the region.

Contact Us

Contact us at or 512.245.2322 for further information.

Complete the Custom Program Request Form to request customized training for your area business.