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Commencement Going Green

Steps that Texas State is taking to a "green" commencement:

  • A PDF of the Commencement Program is available online for guests, reducing the number of programs that need to be printed.
  • The Commencement Program is printed using environmentally friendly materials.
  • The Office of Recycling and Waste Management provides paper recycling bins for unwanted commencement programs and collects cardboard boxes leftover from the event.
  • Paper recycling bins are also available on all shuttle buses at commencement.
  • Announcements are made prior to the ceremony encouraging guests to recycle their unwanted paper products.

Steps you can take to a "green" commencement:

  • Recycle your unwanted commencement programs and other paper waste at the ceremony.
  • Download a PDF of the program straight onto your mobile device.
  • Carpool to the ceremony with family, friends, or fellow graduates.