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Commencement FAQ

This list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is intended for those attending the Summer 2022 Commencement ceremonies.

If you have additional questions, please email

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    • Summer 2022 Commencement will be held on Saturday, August 6, 2022. The event location is Strahan Arena at the University Events Center on our San Marcos Campus. Candidates should attend the ceremony that is associated with their college and/or department. See the Schedule Page for more details.

    • Candidates would have submitted their RSVP for commencement on their Graduation Application. The deadline to apply for graduation is Friday, June 24, 2022.

    • 6/16/22, Guest Ticketing for Summer 2022 Commencement

      Eligible candidates will receive an email July 7, with instructions on how to secure guest tickets. Candidates will receive access to the ticketing in batches to prevent overload on the system. The first candidates will receive access at noon on Thursday, July 7 and the last candidates midday Friday, July 8. Candidates will receive a second email when access has been granted. Regardless of when a candidate can access the system, they will have the same opportunity to secure the maximum tickets allowed (12 tickets plus 2 additional if needed). Candidates who secure tickets after July 22 may not be able to receive the maximum number of tickets.

      This website will be updated letting guests and candidates know when the system has opened and when the email has been sent. Thank you for your patience!

      In order to ensure that commencement is safe and enjoyable for all in attendance, capacity limitations will be in place for Strahan Arena. Eligible* candidates will be able to reserve up to 12 guest tickets. An additional 2 tickets can be requested at the same time and will be provided if available. Candidates do not need a ticket but will need to present an ID at check-in. A TXST Student ID, Driver License, or other government issued ID is acceptable.

      *Only candidates that selected "yes" to attending on their Graduation Application will be able to reserve guest tickets. These candidates will receive an email with instructions from Texas State Presents on July 7, 2022 with a link on how to reserve up to 12 guest tickets and 2 additional tickets. Eligible candidates should be sure to check their email inbox and also their junk/quarantine box for this email. It is the candidate’s responsibility to secure and distribute their guest ticket(s) prior to the ceremony. Tickets will be strictly enforced. The sale of tickets to other candidates or guests is prohibited.

      The deadline to claim guest tickets is July 22, 2022. All candidates are guaranteed 12 tickets for commencement. An additional 2 tickets can be requested at the same time and will be provided if available.

      Candidates will download digital tickets to distribute to their guests. Tickets will only be provided to candidates. Guests must contact their candidate to obtain tickets.

      ***If you need assistance with guest tickets, please contact Texas State Presents directly.***

      Candidates will download digital tickets to distribute to their guests. Tickets will only be provided to candidates. Guests must contact their candidate to obtain tickets.

      All guests aged 4 and over must have a ticket to attend the commencement ceremonies.

    • NOTICE: Invitation Letters are no longer consistently recognized by US immigration officers in other countries. It is strongly recommended that you write your own invitation letter in support of your family members or friends receiving a visa. Download the student template to write your own invitation letter.

      • Face masks are recommended for everyone while indoors at commencement.
      • If you have a high-risk medical condition and are not vaccinated, you should carefully consider the risk of attending.
    • Parking will be available for candidates and guests at Strahan Arena. Please visit the Directions, Parking, and Seating page for more information.

    • Yes, the ceremonies will be streamed live on the commencement website. The video will go live shortly before the start of each ceremony. You will see a photo slideshow but audio will not start until the live video begins.

      The ceremonies will not be filmed for commercial sale, however they will be available for download on the commencement website.

      Candidate names will be called only for those that are in attendance.

    • For security purposes, all persons attending commencement are asked to keep all items to a minimum. All articles brought into the facility will be subject to search, and this may delay persons from entering Strahan Arena. Please see the list of Prohibited and Allowable Items.

      There are no secure places to store personal items before or during the ceremony. Small personal items such as phones and wallets must be carried in a pocket or a small bag held under the gown. Candidates are not permitted to hand carry items during diploma presentations other than their diploma cover and Reader Card, which they will hand to the Reader before they cross the stage.

    • Candidates will be seated on the arena floor by level only (doctoral, master's, or bachelors). Candidates will not necessarily be in order by college, alphabet, or honors designation. During diploma presentations, candidates will have their name called as they cross in front of the stage, shake hands with President Damphousse, and have their photo taken. Only candidates that are in attendance will have their name called.

    • Yes, regalia is required for all candidates in attendance. Beginning with spring 2022, custom regalia will be implemented for commencement. For more information, please visit our regalia webpage.

      Graduation with Academic Honor Cords will be distributed to eligible candidates free of charge at commencement. An optional Texas State stole is available for purchase along with custom regalia. Candidates may wear stoles and cords from other organizations as long as they are in the spirit of academic celebration.

    • Yes. Texas State University has arranged for a commercial photographer, Flash Photography, to take two different photographs of each graduate during the diploma presentations. Please visit the Graduate Photos page for more information.

    • Each ceremony is typically one and a half to two hours long. The time length of each ceremony differs due to the number of graduates and the semester in which the ceremony is held. Ceremonies in May and December are usually close to two hours in length, while ceremonies in August are closer to an hour and a half.

    • If you are concerned about the pronunciation of your name, please contact your Academic Advising Center (undergraduate students) or The Graduate College (graduate students). These offices will forward your information to the Reader assigned to read names at the ceremony.

    • Candidates must attend the commencement ceremony in the semester in which they are completing their degree requirements. For more information, please visit the Participant Policy webpage.

    • 8-1-2022 Be safe Bobcats! We know many graduates take a celebratory jump in the San Marcos River. Unfortunately, the river water level is currently at a historic low due to drought which significantly increases the risk of serious injury from jumping in.  The university discourages jumping into the river at this time. If you do jump, use extreme caution. Do not dive headfirst or somersault in, and always look before you leap to determine the water depth.



    • Students earning a GPA of 3.40-3.59 will graduate cum laude; 3.6-3.79 will graduate magna cum laude; 3.8-4.0 will graduate summa cum laude.

      Effective fall 2021, to be eligible for graduation with academic honors, a student seeking a baccalaureate degree must have completed at least 48 semester credit hours at Texas State preceding graduation. Calculation of the GPA to determine academic honors status is based on all Texas State work applied to the first baccalaureate degree, including work completed in the final semester.

      Hours earned through Texas State correspondence courses and extension courses count toward GPA and academic hours eligibility. Hours earned through Texas State credit-by-examination, work/life experience and other courses that offer only "CR" (pass/fail) grades also count toward academic honors eligibility, but they do not count toward GPA. All coursework to count toward academic honors eligibility must be evaluated and graded by Texas State faculty. 

      Transfer students who have earned at least 48 semester hours at Texas State are eligible to graduate with academic honors if their Texas State GPA meets the above criteria. Students earning second baccalaureate degrees are eligible for graduation with academic honors if they complete 48 or more semester credit hours at Texas State, meeting the GPA criteria, in pursuit of a second degree. Transfer courses and military credit do not count towards academic honors. All coursework to count towards academic honors eligibility must be evaluated and graded by Texas State faculty.

      Undergraduate students earning a Texas State GPA of:
      3.40-3.59 will graduate Cum Laude
      3.60-3.79 will graduate Magna Cum Laude
      3.80-4.00 will graduate Summa Cum Laude

    • All students graduating with master's degrees have maintained an A or B average in their major and minor courses. Therefore, it is not acknowledged during the ceremony, nor is there special regalia required. Please check with your department to see if there is a special event that recognizes your achievements.

    • Degrees will be awarded and posted to transcripts on August 16, 2022, for all eligible candidates. Diplomas are scheduled to be mailed the second week of September 2022. For questions about diplomas, please email For key dates on availability of transcripts and diplomas, please review the Academic Calendar

    • Please contact your Academic Advising Center (undergraduate students) or The Graduate College (graduate students). 

    • Diploma covers will be provided to candidates that attend in-person commencement.

    • Diplomas are 11"H and 14"W.

    • Because the commencement ceremonies immediately follow final exams and prior to the posting of final grades, you will be given a Texas State diploma cover at commencement. Your diploma will be mailed to you after commencement.