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Diversity and Inclusion Careers

What kind of career can a CDGS minor help me qualify for?

The possibilities are endless! In a world where diversity and inclusion is becoming evermore prioritized, there are a variety of jobs in many fields that a CDGS minor can help you qualify for. Here are some descriptions of jobs that specifically ask for qualities related to content taught in our minors.


Things people hiring for this position look for:

- Experience in working with a wide diversity of people and agencies preferred.

- Must possess excellent interpersonal skills to work effectively with a variety of clients, interns, and community partners.


Human Resources Coordinator

Things people hiring for this position look for:

- Experience with a variety of diverse internal and external customers and contacts at all levels.

- Ability to act as a liaison between the human resources and the field. Interfaces with internal and external departments and resources to furnish or obtain needed information to close employee- and business-related issues.

-Ability to work with a diverse set of people and groups and knowledge of general diversity and inclusion practices and issues.

Diversity and Inclusion Project Specialist

Things people hiring for this position look for:

-Can create and support frameworks for souring and sharing diverse candidates with recruiting leads and their teams

- Ability to continually improve & evaluate current and potential diversity recruitment practices, ideas, opportunities, and affinity partnerships to increase our ability to source diverse candidates

-Ability to continuously research new sources to attract, recruit and hire diverse talent

Taken directly from Cisco Systems job posting:

"We take accountability, bold steps, and take difference to heart. Because without diversity of thought and a dedication to equality for all, there is no moving forward.
So, you have colorful hair? Don’t care. Tattoos? Show off your ink. Like polka dots? That’s cool. Pop culture geek? Many of us are. Passion for technology and world changing? Be you, with us!"

Special Education Coordinator

Things people hiring for this position look for:

- Understands and applies the five components of Special Education Coordinator: (1) ethical practice; (2) individual consideration; (3) equity for all students; (4) effective programming; (5) productive partnerships.

- Can provide training to teachers and administrators regarding diversity, equity and inclusion within the classroom and in the curriculum.

- Can Provide guidance to help schools and classrooms implement inclusive practices in the least restrictive environment.

- Demonstrates the ability to work a variety of diverse and ethnic backgrounds.

Diversity Recruitment Specialist

Thing people hiring for this position look for:

- Someone who can build and maintain relationships with community groups and organizations for the purpose of identifying potential volunteer advocates.

- Can evaluate methods used to reach out to diverse groups and adjusts efforts accordingly. Assists in tracking ethnicity and gender trends in volunteer response to varied recruitment methods.

- Can develop and implement an outreach plan focused groups under- represented by but not limited to, Faith Based, African-American, Latino, men, and younger volunteers for the purpose of raising awareness of Company/Agency's mission, building positive relationships for Company/Agency and recruiting volunteer advocates from these under-represented communities

- Seeks out input from current volunteers on diversity based recruitment efforts and overall Company/Agency experience.

Senior Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging Business Partner

Things people hiring for this position look for:

- Ability to develop and operationalize diversity and inclusion strategy that supports progress to goals for the designated client(s) and lead implementation of strategy.

- Ability to advise and support the creation of executive communications on DI&B topics.

-Ability to develop innovative approaches to launching initiatives that create and foster a culture of inclusion and belonging that drives our attraction, promotion, and retention strategies

- Expert level awareness of macro and micro DI&B topics such as systems of oppression, social power dynamics, racial consciousness, and ability to dismantle systemic inequities


These are just a few examples of possible career paths and fields a CDGS minor can help prepare you for. A minor in Diversity, Women's, or African American Studies is applicable to a variety of jobs that include education, public service, counseling, law. etc. For more information or to discuss specific ways one of these minors can help you or support your major feel free to contact us!