Vivianne Castillo

Vivianne Castillo (she/her) is the Founder of HmntyCntrd, an award-winning organization that's committed to transforming the status quo of what it means to be human-centered in our professional and personal lives through community, courses, and consulting.She brings 8+ years of psychology and research experience spanning multiple contexts, cultures, and industries and her work and opinions have been written about in Slate, Fortune, Huffington Post, Fast Company, ELLE Magazine and has a strong track record influencing executives, educating others on trauma-informed care, & empowering others to challenge the status quo. Vivianne also has international conference speaking experience and was an invited speaker at Fortune's Most Powerful Women Next Gen Summit in 2019. Prior to her career in the UX & Tech Industry, Vivianne worked primarily in the arenas of human services and counseling, where she tackled issues like shame, empathy, vulnerability and compassion. She credits her previous experience as a human services professional, her multi-cultural upbringing, and her love for cognitive behavioral psychology as major influences on her approach to entrepreneurship, design, and innovation.