Laci Jordan

Lydia Samuel

“If you try to put Laci in a box, you’ll have an incredibly difficult time.”
- Essence Magazine

Laci Jordan is a multidisciplinary designer, illustrator, Creative Director and the true definition of a modern-day renaissance woman. Laci’s work concentrates on color, pop culture, the representation of marginalized people and the intersectionality that exists amongst all of these spheres.

Her works act as a portal into the world as she sees it. From her use of vibrant colors to her exploration of a world filled with captivating people of color, her work reflects her deep commitment to creating authentic and unapologetic portrayals of contemporary culture. As a result, throughout the course of her career, her art has been commissioned by brands such as Bentley, Disney, Google, Jordan Brand, Motown Records, Nike, Refinery29, REI, Spotify, Sweetgreen, Ulta, United Airlines, and many more. Laci was born and raised in Huntsville, Alabama but currently resides in Los Angeles.